About the Economics and Society Program Stream

The Department of Economics offers undergraduate, M.A. and PhD degree programs. The Economics and Society (E&S) program streams place greater emphasis on how the distribution of wealth and power affects the socioeconomic and physical environment, relative to mainstream economics programs. The E&S program stream is both heterodox and policy-oriented. Faculty are heavily involved in shaping policy locally as well as at the national and international levels, and have strong ties to economic research and forecasting organizations, international aid agencies, and institutes for social policy research.

Faculty members currently provide courses and are actively pursuing research that reflects a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, including Marxian economics, post-Keynesian economics, institutional economics, economic history, and mainstream neoclassical economics. In addition to the standard economics curriculum, graduate students can choose from a variety of approaches and research areas, as well as take advantage of an openness to interdisciplinary research. The program’s commitment to methodological pluralism is instrumental in creating a stimulating intellectual environment in which students are exposed to a range of perspectives and to the critical issues informing contemporary economic theory and policy.

Research Expectations

The holder of the scholarship will be expected to conduct thesis research on a topic or topics of importance to Arctic Economies/Nunavut/ Northern Canada. They will be expected to work closely with local institutions in these areas as well as with the staff of Oceans North, who will help shape the research proposal and monitor and assist progress. Preference will be given to Indigenous/Inuit candidates but all interested students are encouraged to apply.

Applicant Qualifications

Applicants must be able to meet the entrance requirements for the PhD program in Economics (Economics and Society Stream) at the University of Manitoba. Information on the PhD entry requirements are available here.

Adjudication of applicants will be done by the Economics and Society Graduate Committee during the admission process to the PhD program.

Application Process

Please send enquiries to John Serieux, Chair, Graduate Committee, Economics and Society, University of Manitoba (john.serieux@umanitoba.ca), with a copy to Betty McGregor (betty.mcgregor@umanitoba.ca). Interested applicants should enquire by December 20th, 2021 for award and acceptance for the Fall 2022 term. Final determination will be made by the Economics and Society Graduate Committee during the admission process to the PhD program (applications to the PhD program for Fall 2022 are due by January 15th, 2022).

About John Loxley

John Loxley (1942-2020) was Professor of Economics at the University of Manitoba, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. As leader of a group of progressive economists and serving as head of the department from 1984 to 1997, he reinforced the department’s pluralistic character and heterodox tradition, helping to educate generations of scholars and activists. John was a leading scholar in International Finance, Development Economics and Community Economic Development (CED), with a focus on alternatives to orthodox economic theory and policy. Also a committed activist, John initiated the Alternative Budget movement in Canada, participated in local CED initiatives, and worked for public policy change aimed at making the world a better place for systematically disadvantaged communities.