In the dynamically changing Arctic conditions, there is a need to reflect on risk of emergencies as well as potentially escalating consequences during the response coordination. Responding to and reducing the impact of emergencies and disasters in the Arctic represents a huge challenge that requires co-ordinated and collaborative action.

The candidate should have a focus on enhancing risk understanding in terms of organizational preparedness and response capabilities in a maritime operational setting. This should include looking at how experience and knowledge of previous maritime emergencies and risks related to preparedness and emergency management can contribute to safer operations in the Arctic.

A preliminary version of your research project must be included as part of your application. You are welcome to contact the faculty to discuss the project. During the first two months of being employed as a research fellow you complete the description of the project and submit the formal application to the PhD programme at Nord University Business School.

The four year scholarship includes 25 % teaching/supervision and/or research assistance responsibilities. Examples of tasks are contribution to various project activities, activities of the research group Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management under the Marketing, Organization and Management Division.

As a PhD candidate you will be part of a structured program that includes courses, article writing and participation in scientific conferences and seminars. A research stay abroad at a university is encouraged. You will also be connected to one of the existing research groups at the Business School. PhD candidates are appointed a main supervisor at the faculty, and a co-supervisor who is often from another institution. The candidate will work to produce a doctoral dissertation, which is to be written in English.

The candidates will be required to maintain a working presence at Nord University Business School, Bodø.

Application must be submitted electronically by 09 November 2021.

For more information, visit the Nord University announcement webpage.