The aim of the webinar is to present WP1's research on trends, weak signals and wild cards affecting the Arctic industries; tourism, fisheries, mining and forestry. Furthermore, the global drivers affecting the futures of the people living in the European Arctic will be discussed. The event will be opened by keynote speakers Michael Mann, the EU’s Ambassador at Large for the Arctic and Jari Vilén, Finland’s Ambassador for Barents and Northern Dimension.

The webinar is free of charge, and it is organised in Zoom on 30 November, 11.00-15.15 CET.

Please note that the event will not be recorded so please join the Webinar sessions in time. ArcticHubs look forward to participants presence at the event: listening, discussing, and sharing. Click here to see the flyer from the event.

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More details on the event can be found on LUKE’s website.

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