The article "Teachers are on the front lines with students in the coronavirus pandemic", was authored by Associate professor Diane R. Collier, Brock University and Professor Anne Burke, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Professor Anne Burke described the work behind the article as follows: "We partnered with the ROOMS, a local museum and gallery, to talk about the importance of storytelling behind Artefacts and Art. In preparation for this day, teachers were invited to bring a personally owned artefact that shared how they felt about teaching during the pandemic. Further discussions revealed how the role of teachers have changed in Canadian classrooms and how they are standing alongside students on the front lines."

The article was published as part of project ADVOST, that aims to promote children's voices and digital storytelling. The ADVOST project includes three case studies, and the article is an outcome from the Canadian case study. The other partner universities in the ADVOST project are Leeds Beckett University (UK) and University of Lapland (Finland), and the project is part of activities of UArctic Thematic Network on Teacher Education.

Please read the full article in the Conversation website.

More information about the ADVOST in the project website.