The workshop features nearly two dozen experts on Arctic environmental issues, Arctic security, and global threat assessment and strategy discussing the collision of geopolitical rivalry with rapid environmental change. The breakdown of relations between Russia and other Arctic Council states aggravates a trend toward militarization in the region even as accelerating environmental degradation prioritizes broader international cooperation.

Topics will include:  

  • Permafrost thaw impacts;
  • Petroleum, pollution, and public health;
  • Cascading environmental disaster;
  • Russia’s Arctic assertion;
  • NATO’s new Arctic objectives;
  • Scenarios of confrontation;
  • Perils of polar naval operations;
  • Cooperation on environmental incidents;
  • Climate change and security;
  • Sustainable Arctic development; and
  • Human security in a warming Arctic.

Four successful applicants will be funded (travel, lodging, and meals) to join the workshop, attend sessions, participate in Q&A, talk about their own research, network with experts, and in these various ways advance their professional prospects. Recipients will also be invited to the dinner and keynote speech at the National Press Club.

Eligibility is restricted to advanced graduate students (MA or PhD) at U.S. universities whose research focuses on some aspect of the environment and Arctic security—military, economic, environmental, or human.

Application Deadline: 9 September 2022

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