The first speaker of the forum is going to be Dr. Derek Muir with the topic "Arctic contaminants: A perspective on 40 years of monitoring".

Derek C.G. Muir is a Senior Research Scientist, Environment & Climate Change Canada, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, Academy of Science, Fellow and president (2008) of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Fellow of the Chemical Society of Canada. Lead or co-lead the assessments of trends of contaminants in the Canadian Arctic and in the circumpolar Arctic for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP).

Time: September 21 (Wednesday), 20:00 (Beijing Time), 12:00 (GMT)
Zoom Meeting ID: 991 6754 8462; Password: 958195

More information in the flyers attached: Flyer 1, flyer 2

The Arctic Environment Forum (AEF) is organized by the School of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), China, Specialized Committee for Polar Environment and Ecosystem, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, the journal of Environmental Science & Ecotechnology, and the UArctic-HIT-Training Centre (The first Regional Center of the University of the Arctic outside the Arctic Circle), with the support from Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

AEF will be held 3 times a year, in which world’s top experts in the field of Arctic environment and ecology will be invited to present their results of the cutting-edge research on line via ZOOM to scientists and students worldwide. All lectures provided by the AEF are free.

The main topics of AEF include but are not limited to:

• Source, occurrence and fate of POPs and CEACs in the Arctic media
• Identification and monitoring of new pollutants in the Arctic
• Global usage/emission inventories
• Modeling the long-range transport of pollutants to the Arctic
• Biogeochemical cycle of legacy and emerging pollutants in the Arctic
• Biological effects and ecological risks of Arctic pollutants
• Human exposure to the pollutants in the Arctic

International Academic Committee:

Dr. Nanqi Ren, Professor, HIT, China, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director, the State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment
Dr. Yi-Fan Li, Professor, HIT, China, Member of the Norwegian Polar Research Academy, Director, the UArctic-HIT Training Centre, the University of the Arctic
Dr. Roland Kallenborn, Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Member of the Norwegian Polar Research Academy, UArctic Chair for Arctic Environmental Pollution Research
Dr. Derek Muir, Senior Research Scientist, the Environment and Climate Change of Canada, Fellow of Canada’s National Academy of Science

Dr. Zifeng Zhang, Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology