ASAD network coordinators had an annual meeting at the Relate North Symposium, Umeå. One of the decisions made was that Associate professor Maria Huhmarniemi (University of Lapland) was appointed vice-leader of the network for 2024, with responsibility for the Special Interest Group: Arctic Arts and Visual Culture Education, since long-time leader of the SiG group, Professor Glen Coutts, is stepping down from the position.

"ASAD is an excellent network with a crucial role in promoting art and design for the needs of sustainable development. Thanks to my colleagues for their trust; being part of the ASAD network's leadership team is an honor", Maria Huhmarniemi expressed.

Other decision was to have the  12th Relate North symposium and exhibition at the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland, in November 2024, with the theme “New Genre Arctic Art and Design Education”.

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