One of the four priority topics for the Norwegian chairship of the Arctic Council has the name “People”. As a part of this topic, The Norwegian government states that “Arctic youth and Arctic Indigenous peoples will be cross-cutting priorities of the Norwegian chairship” (Government, 2023). Youth in the Arctic face different challenges, as the societies are developing rapidly, due to f.ex. urbanization, changing livelihood, consequences of climate change and general insecurity of the future.

Research from recent years show that youth in the Arctic struggles with belonging and participation, and has experiences of being outside, and not coping (Frøyland, et al, 2022; Bakken, 2022; Wulf, Follesø & Olsen, 2021; Hyggen, Kolouh-Söderlund, Olsen & Tägtström, 2018; Follesø, Halås & Anvik, 2016).

In this session we focus on research on relationships, participation and belonging as central processes for youth in the Arctic, both in mental health work and in work with inclusion, more generally. Being recognized as an active member of society, who is important to others, is a value and a source of quality for life both for the individual young person, and for youth in the Arctic. The session should also include research and experiences on participation and mobilization of youth by emancipatory and ewpowering projects that enable youth both to develop their own lives and to play greater parts in developing society. We also look for research that looks at how responsive authorities and NGO’s are towards youth in the Arctic.

We invite you to send an abstract for participation before January 5th 2024. Read more about “Call for abstracts” at Call for Abstracts — Arctic Congress 2024 Bodø.

We hope to see you in Bodø in spring!