The purpose of this fund is to help researchers at UArctic member institutions (in both the North and South) establish new relationships or strengthen existing ones in order to develop collaborative, co-created research projects based on mutual respect and acknowledgment of the deep understanding and knowledge Indigenous and Northern people bring to such projects while ensuring that the academic research and engagement projects meet the needs of the people and the regions where such research takes place. The North to North and North to South relationship-building projects are both eligible and encouraged.

To Apply

Applications must be completed and submitted through Memorial University’s Public Engagement application portal.

Who Can Apply

UArctic and Memorial University encourages engagement between Northern Canadian UArctic member institutions, other Canadian members, and other UArctic member institutions for collaborative, co-created research and education initiatives. The lead applicant must be based at a Canadian Arctic/Northern UArctic member institution. A complete and updated list of member institutions can be found on the UArctic website. We encourage researchers from institutions based in the North and the South to apply and particularly welcome Indigenous researchers and scholars.

How You Can Use This Fund

We envision this fund as a catalyst for building better and deeper relationships with Northern and Indigenous groups and communities. For example, a seasoned scholar with years of research experience in the North may want to use this fund to help a new graduate student establish their own relationships that will help them develop a collaborative research program with Northern and Indigenous partners; an emerging Indigenous scholar in the North may use this fund to expand their relationships and partnerships with Northern and Indigenous communities to understand their needs and desires better; experienced researchers may use this funding to deepen their Northern and Indigenous relationships and expand networks through knowledge sharing activities. The only limit to activities is your imagination. Building relationships is necessary and challenging work, but it can and also should be fun.

Amount of Funding

The funding is targeted to support relationship-building projects in Arctic and Northern regions. Projects may be funded with a maximum total of $15,000. Funding cannot be applied retroactively for activities already carried out.

Duration of Projects

Projects can have a maximum duration of one year within the timeframe June 1, 2024 to May 31, 2025.

Application Criteria

  1. The application should have a minimum of two UArctic members, with a project lead from a Canadian member (there is no limit to the maximum number of partners).
  2. The application has to clearly establish how the proposed activities will strengthen existing or build new relationships between researchers based at academic institutions and Northern and Indigenous people and communities, and how it might lead to new research and learning opportunities.
  3. The applications must have a local Indigenous and/or community partner clearly supporting this potential relationship. Such support must be documented clearly and unambiguously, through a letter of support for the application or some other appropriate indication of willingness to engage with the applicant(s) (for example, correspondence, or an email exchange).
  4. The application must also demonstrate how proposed activities will strengthen relationships among UArctic members.
  5. The applicants must outline how they plan to share their experience with other UArctic members in order to reiterate the importance of the role of Indigenous and Northern communities as equal partners in the research development and co-creation process. This applies to researchers at academic institutions based in both the North and the South, with the understanding that their experiences may differ significantly depending on how connected and embedded they are in the circumpolar region.

The Application portal will require you to enter the following information:

  • Personal details
  • Project plan- The purpose and overall goal of the project
    - Description of the project activities
    - Description of how the project will help the applicant strengthen and develop relationships with Indigenous and/or Northern communities and partners
    - Description of how the project will help the applicant strengthen and develop relationships with other UArctic member institutions
    - Description of how the applicant plans to reflect and share the project experience with other UArctic members and their Northern and Indigenous partners
  • A detailed budget including any funding from other sources
  • The applying institution must provide an endorsement letter from the appropriate leadership level
  • A letter of support or another form of clear indication from an Indigenous and/or Northern community or group indicating their willingness to engage in a relationship-building process that may lead to future research, teaching, or engagement opportunities
  • The main applicant’s CV (max two pages)

Eligible Costs

Recognizing that different partners and Indigenous groups may have different requirements and preferences on how they would like to explore potential relationships with academic researchers, the fund will allow for a broad interpretation of eligible costs on part of the evaluation committee. In general, the fund can cover:

  • Meetings and workshop expenses (e.g. venue, meals, accommodation, and travel of the participants)
  • Fees or payments and per diems. Please note that you cannot cover the permanent salaries for scientific/academic or technical/administrative staff
  • Costs for online conference platforms and tools
  • Honoraria to artists, performers, or knowledge holders in keeping with established rates (CARFAC or other appropriate sanctioned body)
  • Applicants should document funding of at least 25% of the total budget from in-kind and or other sources

Evaluation Process

An evaluation committee comprised of academic and non-academic members will evaluate submissions and make the final funding decisions. Evaluation will focus on:

  • The project’s relevance to the North as expressed through the six UArctic values and Canada’s Arctic and Northern Policy
  • How the project contributes to circumpolar cooperation, its inclusiveness and openness, and its diversity of partners is relevant to Northern communities and peoples and contributes to policy-making
  • Excellence and feasibility of the proposed activities
  • Project management (knowledge mobilization plan, internal and external risk management, sustainability plans for the activity, long-term impacts and internal evaluation)
  • The budget must reflect project activities in a realistic manner

UArctic and Memorial University expect that all research projects are conducted with research integrity and where applicable follow indigenization strategies.

Application Deadline:

Applications must be completed and submitted through Memorial University’s Public Engagement application portal by February 15, 2024, 23:59 (CEST). Applications received after the deadline or incomplete applications will not be evaluated.

The funding decisions will be made by March 31, 2024, and grants must be accepted by successful candidates by June 1, 2024.

The project grants will be managed and administered by Memorial University’s Harris Centre on behalf of UArctic and in accordance with the terms of a Global Arctic Leadership agreement with Global Affairs, Canada.