GALI, funded by Global Affairs Canada, gives researchers the opportunity to fund projects that focus on enhancing Canada's leadership in the Arctic and fostering collaborations in the Circumpolar North.

The two funding opportunities include the Indigenous and Northern Collaborative Research and Education Engagement Fund and the Indigenous and Northern Relationship Development Fund.

Northern Collaborative Research and Education Engagement Fund:

The purpose of this fund is to support researchers with established relationships and partnerships in the Arctic who are interested in continuing their research and education programs in the region in keeping with the UArctic values, Memorial University’s Policy on Research Impacting Indigenous Groups, and supporting priorities within Canada’s Arctic and Northern Policy Framework.

This fund is a maximum total of $40,000 over a 2-year duration.

Northern Relationship Development Fund:

The purpose of this fund is to help researchers at all UArctic member institutions, those in the North and those in the South, establish new relationships or strengthen the existing ones in order to develop collaborative, co-created research projects based on mutual respect and acknowledgment of the deep understanding and knowledge Indigenous and Northern people bring to such projects while ensuring that the academic research and engagement projects meet the needs of the people and the regions where such research takes place.

This fund is a maximum total of $15,000 over a 1-year duration.

Who can apply for these funds:

UArctic and Memorial University encourage engagement between Northern Canadian UArctic member institutions, other Canadian members, and other UArctic member institutions for these initiatives. The lead applicant must come from a Canadian Arctic/Northern UArctic member institution. A complete and updated list of member institutions can be found on the UArctic website.

Due Date for applications:

February 15, 2024

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Lisa Goulet, Membership Engagement Coordinator for Canadian UArctic members.

For full application criteria, procedures, timelines, eligible funding costs, and a link to the application portal, please see the following website.