Over the last few months, our COIL@UArctic team have been working on developing a new website, that will include a fantastic array of COIL resources for those who wish to embark on a COIL journey. From what is COIL and what are the benefits, to how to develop COIL projects and connect with COIL partners. We are also developing a friendly social space on Discord for peer-support, and an exciting and useful bi-monthly training programme, open to anyone interested in COIL.

The launch of the Website is planned for early February 2024, and the first session in our training programme will take place shortly after. In this session you will meet the COIL@UArctic team, who will introduce the pedagogy, the resources and answer all your questions. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, if you wish to be added to our COIL Partners Profiles – please download and complete the profile template here and send it on coil-uarctic@rgu.ac.uk. And do get in touch if you would like to know more about COIL!