Research at the department revolves around three themes, i) Climate change biology, ii) Seasonal ecology, and iii) Spatio-temporal dynamics of species and systems (Arctic Biology Research - UNIS).

UNIS has well equipped lab facilities including a state-of-the-art molecular lab, a primary production lab and cold labs for experimental work. UNIS has access to various autonomous platforms, owns a small research boat to conduct fjord investigations and a remote field station close to a seasonally ice-covered fjord.

Applicants must have:                                                                                                              

  • PhD degree in marine biology, marine ecology or another relevant field
  • Research and fieldwork experiences from Arctic or high-latitude marine ecosystems
  • Experience in field- and/or lab-based methods and approaches
  • Motivation and vision to develop research within the Arctic Biology department as well as across UNIS departments

Advantageous attributes:

  • Experience with novel methodology to study physical-biological interactions
  • Competence in experimental approaches to study adaptations and physiological responses
  • Competence in molecular techniques
  • Experience with analyses, publication and archiving of large data sets, particularly with time-series or spatial data
  • Well established national and international network in Arctic marine research
  • Experience in developing teaching methodologies with special attention to field-based teaching

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