The course deals with the impacts of natural and physical change on the peoples and conditions of the Circumpolar North. The course concentrates on three major fields for scientific study: (1) climate change, (2) natural resources, and (3) health and environment. Emphasis is given to the challenges of sustainability in the North, and to the need for long-term proper stewardship.

Upon successful completion of Land and Environment II, students will have:
  • Foundations for critical inquiry and appreciation of how diverse conventional and traditional methods contribute to understanding land and environment in the Circumpolar North.
  • Insight into the challenges presented by the physical and natural universe, and the impact on Northern peoples.
  • Awareness of the relationship between science and policy, and its significance for the future of the Circumpolar North.

Revised Modules

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BCS312 Module 1 Energy Resources Monique Haakensen, Sheri Praski, Colleen Yates
BCS312 Module 2 Mineral Resources Lawrence K. Duffy, Monique Haakensen
BCS312 Module 3 Cold Climate Infrastructure Technology Sheri Praski
BCS312 Module 4 Living Terrestrial Resources Monique Haakensen
BCS312 Module 5 Living Aquatic Resources Lorne Doig, Ian Doig
BCS312 Modules 6/7 Management of Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources and Environments Andrew Harwood, Monique Haakensen
BCS312 Modules 8 Management of Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources and Environments Monique Haakensen


Original Modules

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BCS312 Course Outline UArctic
BCS312 Module 1 Frameworks for Analysis of Land and Environment in the Arctic Karen Erickson, Kimberly Ognisty
BCS312 Module 2 Biocomplexity in the North Lawrence Duffy, Stan Wright
BCS312 Module 3 Fisheries Scott Smiley, Peter Bechtel
BCS312 Module 4 Marine Mammals and Fisheries Michael Castellini
BCS312 Module 5 Natural Resources: Chemistry and Environmental Sustainability Lawrence Duffy, Stan Wright
BCS312 Module 6 Water Supply and Waste Treatment in the Arctic Dan White, Dan Schubert, Craig Woolard
BCS312 Module 7 Observations, Sustainability, and the Impacts of Change Anna Godduhn, Lawrence Duffy
BCS312 Module 8 Food Chemistry, Subsistence Webs, and Nutrition Kriya Dunlap, Lawrence Duffy
BCS312 Module 9 Diet and Mental Health of Circumpolar Peoples Abel Bult-Ito, Ronald Tavernier, Dana Greene, Nancy McGrath-Hanna
BCS312 Module 10 Food Traditions and Food Systems in Rural Alaska S. Craig Gerlach, Laura Henry, Amy Turner
BCS312 Module 11 Nuclear Chemistry, Radioecology, and Stewardship Douglas Dasher, Lawrence Duffy, John Kelley
BCS312 Module 12 Cancer and Biomarkers of Health Julie La Rocca-Brigham, Lawrence Duffy