Outbound student mobility from Sweden

The north2north program finances outgoing student mobility from the following Swedish universities:

Each university offers approximately 5 scholarships of 19,000 SEK to 22,000 SEK for one semester.

Students who can apply for funding have to be residents of Sweden. Online students who do not live in Sweden cannot apply for north2north funding. Applicants must have completed their first year of study and passed all exams.


The north2north Student Mobility Program has at its disposal a number of north2north tuition waivers for mobility to the north2north partner universities in North America. Information on which North American universities offer tuition fee waivers to Sweden will be available by late November.


Students will have to contact the north2north institutional contact at their home institution for more information on available tuition fee waivers and instructions on the student exchange application.

November - January: north2north students apply for scholarships and waivers from their Swedish home university by following the universities' usual routines for outbound exchange students.

February 10: north2north institutional contacts allocate waivers to the students.

February/May: north2north students apply for courses at host universities.


Inbound student mobility from North America to Sweden

Sweden does not offer scholarships to North American students. Application information will be sent from each Swedish north2north institution individually.


Inbound student mobility from Russia to Sweden

Sweden offers 8 scholarships for Russian students of 10,000 SEK per month for either four or five months, plus a travel grant of either 5,000 SEK or 9,000 SEK.

NB: Scholarships are offered only for autumn semester!

Russian north2north institutional contacts nominate students for a north2north exchange to a Swedish north2north university (with max. two university choices per student). Only max. 2 students can be nominated to each university.


November–February 15: students apply for nomination and, if applicable, a scholarship*:

  1. Students contact the north2north institutional contact at their home institution to be nominated for the exchange semester and, if applicable, for a scholarship from the Swedish Institute*.
  2. Students write a letter of motivation and prepare a copy of their transcript of credits in English. The north2north institutional contacts at the students' home institution forward these documents by e-mail to the Swedish north2north institutional contacts as part of the nomination process. The Swedish Institute’s scholarships will be allocated based on the information provided in these documents*.

*Scholarships for living expenses are available only for students from Russia.

March 4: Deadline for Russian north2north institutional contacts to nominate their students and submit their students’ letters of motivation and transcripts of credits to the host institutions in Sweden.





1. Nominate your students by filling out an online nomination form (link will be sent out to MICs).

2. E-mail students' motivation letters and transcripts of credits to incoming.io@umu.se

1. E-mail students' motivation letters and transcripts of credits to maria.vyatkina@ltu.se

This will be regarded as an official nomination.

1. Nominate your students by filling out an online nomination form
(link will be sent out to MICs).

2. E-mail students' motivation letters and transcripts of credits  to  maria.fredlund@miun.se

1. Nominate your students by filling out the online nomination form.

2. E-mail students' motivation letters, English Language Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL IBT 79/IELTS 6.0) and transcripts of credits to mascha.schepers@su.se


March 20: The north2north institutional contacts in Russia receive information from Sweden on the nomination and scholarship allocation results and inform their students. The scholarship will only be valid if the student applies and is admitted to courses at the Swedish university specified in the scholarship offer. The scholarship recipients will get more instructions on March 20 together with their scholarship offers.

Students whose nominations have been approved but who haven't been offered a scholarship are still welcome to submit their applications to courses. If admitted, these students will get a tuition fee waiver without a scholarship for living expenses.

April 15: Students whose nominations have been approved and who have been offered a scholarship must submit their course applications by April 15 at the latest. All approved students will get a link to the application portals of each Swedish university.

All students will be required to attach motivation letters to their course application forms. Applicants to Stockholm University also have to attach a mandatory English Language Proficiency Certificate (see fact sheet).