Meet the current UArctic Student Ambassadors

UArctic’s Student Ambassadors engage in representing UArctic at events and functions, discuss important Arctic issues, and communicate with fellow and prospective students. The opportunity can help students expand their Arctic identity, build self-confidence and encourage personal development, while helping them improve their communication skills in preparation for future employment.

As students who understand the benefits of higher education and who share in the value and promise that our collective northern voices have in a globalized world, UArctic Student Ambassadors provide invaluable insight by advocating the opportunities that the UArctic network offers and by highlighting what it is to be a student whose interests are in, of and for the North.

Although the Student Ambassadors represent their home institutions in addition to UArctic, other UArctic members from the region can invite them for a visit and to talk about UArctic at relevant events.

Nominated by their home institutions, each UArctic Student Ambassador has been appointed by UArctic’s Board of Governors for a three-year term. The first group of UArctic Student Ambassadors have already ended their term, and the second group has been active since March 2016. If a Student Ambassador leaves the nominating institution during their term, they will be considered “Ambassador at large” for the remainder of their term, with no guarantee of institutional support.


Responsibilities of UArctic Student Ambassadors

  • Represent student perspectives in relevant UArctic events and activities
  • Represent UArctic as well as their home institution and region at events and functions organized by key UArctic external partners
  • Act as key drivers of UArctic’s social media content
  • Promote UArctic and our educational opportunities to students at their home institution and region
  • Serve as a UArctic student community liaison and a point of contact to both their home institution and their community/region
  • Select the Ambassador candidate(s) for the position of the Student Representative of the Board of UArctic
  • Function as a link between the student community and UArctic’s leadership