The students were selected to represent the network as well as their own home institutions on and off campus, to advocate the opportunities that UArctic offers, and to grow UArctic's student community. As youth who understand the benefits of higher education and share in the value and promise that our collective northern voices have in a globalized world, UArctic Student Ambassadors provided invaluable insight by highlighting what it is to be a student whose interests are in, of and for the North.

UArctic Student Ambassadors 2014–2017

Zachary Anstey (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)
Caitlyn Baikie (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada)
Hilkka Kemppi (University of Lapland, Finland)
Naoki Kumano (Hokkaido University, Japan)
Ian Lee (University of Washington, USA)
Merville Mouho (UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Norway)
Anna Neustroeva (North-Eastern Federal University, Russia)
Alexander Saburov (Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Russia)
Anastasia Sokolova (Siberian Federal University, Russia)
Alexander Terentjev (Syktyvkar State University, Russia)
Ilmir Valiakhmetov (Yugra State University, Russia)
Valeria Vasilyeva (European University at St Petersburg, Russia)
Andrian Vlakhov (European University at St Petersburg, Russia)
Laura Yrjölä (University of Lapland, Finland)

UArctic Student Ambassadors 20162019

Heather Bell (Durham University, UK)
Anastasia Chayka (Murmansk State Technical University, Russia)
Kamila Faizieva (Industrial University of Tyumen, Russia)
Carolyn Kozak Loeffler (University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA)
Ulunnguaq Markussen (Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland, Kingdom of Denmark)
German Sabirov (Far Eastern Federal University, Russia)
Valerie Young (Nunavut Arctic College, Canada)

Responsibilities of UArctic Student Ambassadors

  • Represent student perspectives in relevant UArctic events and activities
  • Represent UArctic as well as their home institution and region at events and functions organized by key UArctic external partners
  • Act as key drivers of UArctic's social media content
  • Promote UArctic and our educational opportunities to students at their home institution and region
  • Serve as a UArctic student community liaison and a point of contact to both their home institution and their community/region
  • Select the Ambassador candidate(s) for the position of the Student Representative of the Board of UArctic
  • Function as a link between the student community and UArctic's leadership