Representing UArctic locally

Tell more about UArctic and your experiences with the network to others at your institution or region. Visit local universities, participate at local study fairs, or represent UArctic at a northern-relevant event. Also, don't forget to connect with other people at your university who participate in UArctic activities. As a UArctic Student Ambassador, the easiest way to help make the network more visible and better known is to tell people about our existence, who we are and what we have to offer.

Different Ambassadors have had different ways to do this, such as giving presentations to local student unions/associations or participating at a UArctic Day. More recently, Anastasia presented UArctic to students of Murmansk Arctic State University, so it's also a possibility to speak to other universities in your region.

Instagram takeover

Take control of the UArctic Instagram account for a week. Post pictures of your everyday life in your part of the Arctic or when you're doing something special, such as participating in an interesting field course, event or conference, doing field work, etc. You should post at least once per day.

Carolyn, Kamila, Ian and Ulunnguaq have already taken over the account, with success.

Video chats between different cities

Organize a video chat between students at your institution and students at another Ambassador's institution. Share what your studies are like, compare experiences, network with like-minded students. You can have a specific theme for your chat or just learn from each other and make new connections across the Arctic.

Carolyn and Kamila have tested this between Fairbanks and Tyumen. and despite some technical difficulties, both agreed that this was a great idea to exchange experiences across the Arctic.