View hidden and active entries

To see a full list of the courses and programs that your institution has in the UArctic Study Catalogue:

  1. Find your institution's member profile page and check the webpage address. Copy the number that you see in the URL – this is your institution's ID in our web system. The ID usually consists of four or five digits. 

  2. Copy the web address below, and replace ##### with your institution's ID number:

  3. The result page lists your institution's active (approved) and inactive (expired) course and program entries. If the page appears empty, your institution does not have any entries in the UArctic Study Catalogue. If you would like to add courses and programs, contact


Update and verify expired entries

Entries can be edited and brought back online by using an institution-specific update form – the same one that you may have used to list new courses and program in the Study Catalogue.

Send an email to to request a link to your institution's Study Catalogue update form. After you have access to the form, there are three possible actions for each expired entry:

  1. Verify that the entry is still valid (description OK, links working, etc.)

  2. Update the entry with current information, and submit changes for approval

  3. Delete the entry if it is no longer relevant


For more information or assistance, contact