Hillarie Zimmermann went to Tromsø and Umeå University to visit teaching and learning centers. Here, she got the chance to meet with northern colleagues that work in the field of Teaching and Learning, share information, and build professional relationships.

Hillarie Zimmermann has described the experience as follows:

"Visiting UiT in Tromsø, Norway and University of Umeå, Sweden was truly a trip of a lifetime. I made some life-long professional and personal contacts that will enhance the work that I do at YukonU. Learning about other Teaching and Learning centers was very worthwhile for my work at YukonU and I believe that both YukonU and the partner institutions will benefit from the relationships and information sharing that occurred. I felt professionally rejuvenated after my trip and am excited to implement some of the interesting initiatives that I learned about. This trip will help to move Teaching and Learning at YukonU onto new and exciting ideas and projects."

Hear more about Hillarie Zimmermann's experience in the video below: