In this issue:


  • The 2022 International Forum on Big Data for SDGs
  • FBAS SDGs site events: DBAR - PEEX Session on "Climate Action and Sustainable Development in High Mountain Asia and Arctic Region" and annual Science Team Meeting
  • Big Earth Data special issue: “A high quality, environmental information & analysis for the Arctic – boreal region”
  • Overview on “Newly identified climatically and environmentally significant high-latitude dust sours” published
  • Article on "Siberian Arctic black carbon: gas flaring and wildfire impact" published

PEEX Blog:

  • Upcoming First Science Meeting of the RI-URBANS Project
  • Svalbard-Greenland cooperation workshop “SVALGREEN” takes place on 5-6 October in Copenhagen.
  • Future Earth European National Committees meeting
  • Regional Issues of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management
    The international
  • 1st Annual Meeting of the CRiceS Project

Upcoming conferences:

  • Planned PEEX Session at EGU-2023
  • ACCC & Finnish Atmospheric Science Network Conference

PEEX Special Issue publications:

  • Carlton Xavier et al.: Secondary aerosol formation in marine Arctic environments: a model measurement comparison at Ny-Ålesund. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 10023–10043, 2022,
  • Natalia E. Chubarova et al.: Columnar and surface urban aerosol in the Moscow megacity according to measurements and simulations with the COSMO-ART model. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 22, 10443–10466,, 2022


  • Autumn School: Analysis of Aerosols, Air Pollution and their Sources in the Eastern Mediterranean

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