Join us in co-creating the future of Finnish-US RDI relations!

There is currently a significantly growing number of memoranda of understanding between Finland and individual U.S. states – including Maine – that encourage new types of collaboration between research institutions, public servants, and business organizations. The Finnish-American Research and Innovation Accelerator (FARIA) is a strategic network of Finnish higher education institutions, which serves in this context as a platform to enable concerted and joint action of universities and other relevant stakeholders in Finland and the United States. 

  1. It creates visibility for Finnish RDI-excellence and simplifies contact facilitation between Finland and key-regions in the US.
  2. It serves as launch pad for concrete RDI-projects from ideation over funding generation to implementation.
  3. It supports an alignment of Finnish US-engagement activities

In short: We support fostering an environment that helps Finnish higher education institutions to collaborate with each other and US-partners in RDI relevant areas.

The network currently includes 16 member institutions, representing 92 % of Finland’s research universities and ca. 89 % of the Finnish higher education sector’s RDI-power. FARIA is closely connected to five of the research flagships set up by the Academy of Finland. FARIA pays special attention to the promotion of Finland’s world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence, 5 and 6G Technology, Bioeconomy, and New (Nordic) Welfare State research. However, the interests of our member institutions are broad, and we are looking to be supportive wherever we can.

This session serves as an opportunity to meet and connect with both Dr. Petri Koikkalainen, Counselor for Science and Education, serving at the Finnish Embassy in Washington D.C., and the network coordinators from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki. We will introduce network activities, and showcase concrete opportunities for collaboration – for example within the joint funding partnership between the Academy of Finland, NIH and NSF. American and Finnish colleagues are invited to join to explore mutual interests and synergies. The tone of the session will be informal.