Marie recently graduated from Aarhus University in political science. The internship in the UArctic International Secretariat gives Marie the opportunity to learn more about Arctic matters; a topic she has worked on in her thesis within the field of international relations. The increased interest in the Arctic from the international community has especially made Marie want to learn more. Working in the UArctic network will give her the opportunity to learn more about different Arctic perspectives, thereby broadening her understanding of the subject.

Professionally, Marie will be a part of an international environment and she will get the opportunity to communicate across borders within the UArctic organization. Among her tasks, Marie will be posting news stories from the UArctic network and help promote UArctic in relation to Greenlandic, Faroese and Danish member institutions. Besides learning more about Arctic matters, Marie thereby aims to develop her professional skills in an international environment.

Marie is looking forward to experiencing Finnish culture, the nature, and the different seasons in Lapland - and of course; the northern lights!