The Arctic is a known land – the Inuit, Innu, Dene, Gwich’in and other First Nations have travelled the land (and sea) over established paths passed down through generations. The exhibition comes to life through a variety of immersive sight and sound experiences.

Explore through 4 seasons the amaing geography, peoples, and animals of the north:

  • With cold wind blowing in your face, clamber on board an Inuit dogsled, and go for a ride across the snow covered sea ice behind a dog team, the sounds of dogs in your ears, and the sled bumping and moving over the snow.
  • Feel the tension as you venture out onto the sea ice and encounter an Inuk hunter who welcomes you and shows you how to navigate the ice safely.
  • Experience an object theatre that highlights the director of a world leading Edmonton ice core facility on a momentous race against time to retrieve a 327 meter ice core from the tallest mountain in Canada.
  • Go fishing in the Mackenzie River and see if you can make the catch of a lifetime.
  • Discover the secrets of icebergs and how they are more than meets the eye. Draw your own iceberg and see if it is stable enough to stay afloat in the ocean.
  • Get swept away to the North through a mosaic of photos and images submitted by people in the Arctic that capture their perspectives on daily life.
  • Visit the inuksuk, known as a niungvaliruluk, a window-shaped directional inuksuk that points to a place of significance, built by Elder Piita Irniq.

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