Nord University is located in Saepmie/Sámeednam and is responsible for research and education in South Saami and Lule Saami language and culture. One of Nord University's missions is to strengthen Saami education and increase the scope of interdisciplinary Saami research (Nord University Strategy 2030). The establishment of the university's Center for Saami and Indigenous Studies emphasizes our responsibility, competence and ambitions.

With Nord's Saami and Indigenous Peoples Conference 2022, we wish to build on our good experiences from last year's conference, Saemien - Noerhtese Noerhtesne; Sáme - Nuorttaj Nuortan; Samisk - for Nord på Nord, which took place in Bodø. Each October, Nord University and Nordland Research Institute will arrange an annual Saami conference that will alternate between its Bodø and Levanger campuses. The purpose is to strengthen our common knowledge of Saami and Indigenous-related topics from a broad perspective and in all professions, as well as with teaching, development and research in mind.

Cultural diversity is a prerequisite for innovative solutions in sustainable societies, and in this context, dialogue between Saami and other Nordic cultures is of great importance. Therefore, we invite talks about a wide range of topics, and we argue that our conference's most important contribution is in establishing and developing relationships among languages, cultures, Saami Centers, researchers, teachers and other interested parties.

The conference will take place over three days: October 19-21, 2022.

It begins with lunch at 11:00 on October 19th, and it ends after lunch at 13:00 on October 21st. Place: Nord University's campus in Levanger​.  

Registration deadlines and form: 

Deadline: September 15th.

To register follow this link​.​

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