By Kristine Lynge-Pedersen, GINR, Nuuk september 2022

As newly hired local project researchers at Greenland Institute Natural Resources “GINR” it was obvious to arrange a workshop with academic input to ensure a fast integration into the already started EU-funded research project “ArcticHubs – global drivers’, local consequences”.

The aim was to get a deeper understanding of ArcticHubs's methods and analysis tools through dialogues with the project´s keypersons from Natural Resources Institute “Luke”, University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland and University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences “BOKU” in Vienna.

IMG 3360

Photo: Kristine Lynge-Pedersen

The first part of the workshop had a focus of introduction to the project and consisted of sessions with presentations and dialogues. The key persons also gave feedback to the Greenlandic partners first research activities that were conducted just before the workshop. The first part was hold in the days 27-31 June, in Rovaniemi, by Seija Tuuletie, Sara Moioli and Pasi Rautio from “Luke” and Leena Suopajarvi from University of Lapland.

The second part of the workshop continued in Umeå, Sweden, where the upcoming project activities was presented, and a joined Q-method course took placed in the days 4-5 July. The key persons who hold the course was project partners Ivana Zivojinovic and Jerbelle Elomina from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences – BOKU in Vienna. There was extra participant from the project ArcticHubs and we had constructive dialogues about the implementation of the upcoming research activities.


Photo: Kristine Lynge-Pedersen

The workshop was conducted according to plan, and we achieved a good mutual benefit. All participants expressed joy at the professional dialogues that we barely have time for when we hold joint online status and coordination meetings.

Thanks to the foundation grant from north2north, the Greenlandic project participants are integrated in the ArcticHubs project, and a strong network has been built between the workshop participants.