The UArctic Founders have been instrumental in the creation of the organization and the success of the network today. One of the Founders is Anita Lehikoinen, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture. 

In her speech at the opening ceremony of the University of Lapland's new academic year on September 5, Lehikoinen emphasized a focus on Arctic issues:

"The importance of Arctic issues has been self-evident for a long time; climate change brought them to all international agendas, as did the role and situation of indigenous people in coping with changing environment and solving these problems. Now, security policy issues are very much on the agendas of political leaders. The University of Lapland and the University of the Arctic will have a great role in this setting. I wish to encourage the University to offer all its expertise for the benefit of finding solutions to saving the Arctic and its peoples."


If interested, read more about the opening ceremony here.