Henney is originally from Metro Detroit, Bryce is a bridge builder and settler of mixed ancestry with an interdisciplinary background and experience (Indigenous Nations, environmental non-profits, local government, strategic planning) driven to assist settler organizations in realigning with living systems worldviews, support Indigenous planning efforts, and enable genuine collaboration across knowledge systems and communities.

In addition to the need to address ongoing atrocities against Indigenous communities, Bryce is called to this work through a deep spiritual connection to transcend the myth of separation and other colonial perspectives that are causing mental unwellness & suffering. To conduct his work, he draws upon living systems/regenerative thinking, interdisciplinary academic and work experience, continued relationship learning from/with Indigenous communities, and spiritual practice.

While serving as UArtic Project Coordinator (Indigenous Position Workplan), Bryce will be supporting the Arctic Indigenous Issues Committee with planning, research, and evaluation of programs and research projects that the Arctic's Indigenous Issues Committee or Co-chairs identify with respect to circumpolar Indigenous priorities. He is extremely grateful to be a part of the team and UArtic network!

On behalf of the UArctic International Secretariat, we would like to welcome Bryce Henney to the team!