The fellow will employ the state-of-the-art ocean model NEMO coupled with the ocean biogeochemical model PISCES to study the effect of variable ice sheet and sea ice iron and silicon inputs on the marine plankton ecosystem, primary, and export production in the Southern Ocean. The project will focus primarily on the impact of ice sheet-sourced nutrient inputs (e.g., subglacial meltwater, ice shelf melt, and iceberg discharge) on diatom populations and how they influence their silicon-to-carbon ratio in relation to iron supply. Depending on the interests of the candidate, other aspects of Southern Ocean coupling with ice sheet meltwaters and associated nutrients or ecological trait modelling may be investigated.

Applicants must have comprehensive experience in running and analyzing numerical models; sufficient knowledge of programming languages like Fortran, Python, Matlab or equivalent; a strong publication track record including first author contributions; and documented fluency in English. Research experience in polar oceans, ocean biogeochemistry, and/or ecology as well as experience in model development are desirable but not essential.

Applicants must have submitted their PhD thesis before the application deadline.

Application deadline: 5 June 2024

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