Apply for UArctic Academic Endorsement

  • UArctic endorsement of academic activities is a prestigious additional sign of quality for its member institutions and is proof of adherence to the UArctic Mission and Values.
  • A UArctic Academic Endorsement supplements and builds on, but shall not replace, formal academic quality assurance carried out at higher education institutions by institutional academic senates, national accreditation bodies, and similar entities.

UArctic’s endorsement process is reviewed three times a year by UArctic's Academic Leadership Team

Applications can be submitted at any time, but will be reviewed three times a year after specific deadlines of January 15, May 15, and September 15. The review process will take no longer than 2 months from those dates.

  • Highlighted on the UArctic website, study catalogue, news, and social media.
  • Members may use the UArctic brand to promote and market Endorsed Programs
  • Noted as newly endorsed program or course at annual meetings of the UArctic Council.
  • Granted right to issue UArctic certificates to students who complete the program/course.

To submit an application for UArctic Academic Endorsement, please follow these procedures:

1. Review UArctic's Academic Endorsement Principles, as well as UArctic's Mission and Values for further information on our requirements
2. Collect information for the application

Before filling in the form, please try to collect as much of the needed information as possible about your institution/organization:

  • Course/Program Title
  • Link to UArctic Catalogue Reference for your course/program
  • Short biography on key lecturers involved
  • Contact person responsible for the course or program
3. Submit a letter of commitment

In addition to filling in the form, applicants must submit a letter of commitment from relevant dean or similar official stating how the program meets the host institution’s endorsement criteria. Written in free form, this letter needs to state the main interests for being endorsed the UArctic network, as well as indicate that the application for endorsement is supported by the institution’s or organization’s leadership. There will be an opportunity to upload a PDF of the letter of intent when filing out the application form.

4. Fill out the UArctic Academic Endorsement Form
5. Wait for confirmation

Once the application form and the letter of commitment have been received, confirmation email will be sent which includes further details on the next steps. If you have any questions or require assistance with the application process, please contact the UArctic Academic Programs Coordinator. Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed by the UArctic Academic Leadership Team, and you will be contacted by the Academic Programs Coordinator no longer than 2 months after the submission deadline.